Garden Centre and Plant Nursery Leicester Billesdon
Garden Centre and Plant Nursery Leicester Billesdon
Garden Centre and Plant Nursery Leicester Billesdon
Garden Centre and Plant Nursery Leicester Billesdon
Garden Centre and Plant Nursery Leicester Billesdon
Garden Centre and Plant Nursery Leicester Billesdon

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Garden Centre in Leicester and Plant Nursery

Parsons Nurseries


We are a dedicated plant nursery and we grow the vast majority of our own flowers, shrubs and plants and provide the highest quality, freshest plants at the cheapest prices.

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Garden Centre and Plant Nursery in Leicester and Billesdon





A Long History of Helping the Gardeners of Leicester

We have spent the last 60 years helping the gardeners of Leicester create awesome gardens without spending a fortune.  We do this by growing all our own plants with care, in large quantities, and then charging the lowest prices

Our History

Parsons Nursery is a family run garden centre in Leicester. For 3 generations we have been helping the gardeners of Leicester and Billesdon add colour and variety to their gardens and homes.

We started off as market gardeners in the 50's. We grew plants and vegetables to sell in the markets. This long history, rich heritage and deep knowledge of how to tend to and grow beautiful flowers, plants and shrubs has been passed down over generations. This now helps us produce the freshest, reasonably priced plants in the area.


Parsons Nurseries garden centre in Leicester and Billesdon. Horticultural plant supplier.





An Authentic Plant Nursery

With the advent of large, impersonal, modern garden centres selling everything from shoes to cakes, an authentic plant nursery like ours is a welcome change for the true gardener. To some we might seem ‘old fashioned’ until they see the quality of what we produce and experience our much lower prices.

We also believe that, as a gardener, you will appreciate how well we look after our plants. Experience the transparency of our growing process and of course benefit from our cost-effective pricing.

We have chosen NOT to build a café, sell shoes and clothing, tables or BBQ’s. We are a plant nursery through and through and we hope you will appreciate the love we put into our plants and the quality of what we sell.




Direct From The Grower

The vast majority of our plants are grown on site so you are always buying nursery fresh plants. 

Pesticides are an absolute last resort. We introduce natural predators to control pests such as aphids. We also use symbiotic microorganisms to promote robust root systems, giving your plants the best start possible.

 Garden Centre and Plant Nursery in Leicester and Billesdon. Plants grown on site.


It All Starts on 1st March Every Year

While the frost has taken hold of gardens across Leicester, we are camped out in our polytunnels and heated benches preparing everything for spring.

When our garden shop doors open on March 1st each year, we have lots of lovely fresh plants ready for sale.

 Garden shop Leicester. Horticultural plant supplier.







Gift Vouchers



Do you know someone who loves to garden?  Why not treat him or her to a gift voucher? Our garden centre in Leicester stocks a wide variety of plants sure to please even the most avid gardening enthusiasts!

A Parson’s Nursery gift voucher is an ideal birthday or Christmas present.  Pop in and pick up a voucher, we supply them in any value.








About Our Nursery

If you love your garden – you will love our plant nursery and garden centre in Leicester.

We moved into our current location around 20 years ago. Our staff are all family members and friends and our aim is to provide a welcoming environment that reflects the genuine love we have for what we do and the plants that we grow.  

We are passionate about what we do.  We are all avid gardeners ourselves and love seeing our huge variety of plants grow from seeds or cuttings to end up beautifying your garden.

See For Yourself

Come and visit the potting bench at our garden centre. Watch us work away potting plants and preparing our lovely fresh, flowers, plants and hanging baskets being tended and prepared.  By seeing the whole growing process, you’ll get a great feel for how our plants are grown at every stage of development, and the quality of what we sell.

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